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Subject to individual agreement per client, here are the broad terms under which RRACOS AUDIO SERVICES (RAS) operates:

  • Ownership of outputs as a result of RAS efforts are owned wholly by RAS until receipt of payment.

  • Where it is agreed that payment be in the form of pro-bono or credit only work, RAS reserves the right to cancel work at any time during production.

  • RAS must be credited in full (as 'Audio production by Rracos Audio Services'), wherever the audio features, regardless of payment type, unless otherwise agreed.

  • Volume of revisions are to be agreed upon at the time of commissioning.

  • Unless otherwise requested, all work will be produced within Ableton, and delivered in .wav format.

  • RAS will assume, unless an NDA is shared ahead of commissioning, that no work is to be kept secret.

  • RAS will feature any work as part of their portfolio across, but not limited to, platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. 

  • These terms are superseded by any contracts signed by both RAS and their client.

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